Strengthen Yourself

For me, one of the most powerful verses in the Bible, is 1 Samuel 30:6. This chapter recounts David doing his best to protect everyone, even those who hate him, but when he returns to camp with his fugitive army, they find all their families have been captured. The men were in such despair, they thought to kill David because he must have failed God. David didn’t even argue with them, but simply asked them to wait until he talked to God about what had happened.

Verse 6 reads, “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” That word, “strengthened,” means to fasten hold of, seize, and become repaired, restored, and encouraged. It’s the ability to withstand the difficulties, become valiant, to prevail, and have your resolve hardened like iron. Strengthening yourself in Jesus is fully opening your heart and mind to him, allowing him to transform how you see and deal with life.

When David had regained enough of his identity, peace, and courage, God have him a strategy to “pursue, overtake, and recover all.” He did that, and more. Ask God for the strategy for this season. He’ll show you how to deal with the difficulties, pursue the desires of your heart, and regain the joy of who he is for you.

He’ll teach you to overwhelm the enemy with the grace, truth, and hope you’re experiencing in the process of being strengthened. He’ll demonstrate his goodness, favor, and love for you and through you, as you recover all the enemy has taken from you.

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