You’ve Only Just Begun

One of the enemy’s biggest traps is tempting you to fixate on lost time—anguishing over mistakes, bitterly holding on to offenses, obsessing over what might have been. There may be areas of your past God wants to heal, and forgiveness you need to give to get beyond an offense. But he doesn’t want you to stay there. His invitation is always to walk forward with him in wholeness, confidence, and childlike wonder.

Psalm 118 reads, “This is the day the Lord has made—rejoice and be glad in it!” That’s God’s version of “seize the day.” Be thankful for all you have. Allow yourself to enjoy who God is for you in this moment, and who you’re becoming in him. He has amazing plans for you at every age, and many people don’t really hit the point where their gifts, dreams, desires, wisdom, and experience converge until after 50. In fact, I’m counting on that.

Breathe. Smile. Look forward with Jesus. You’ve only just begun to experience all he has in store for you.

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