The enemy‘s plan will always be to wear you down enough to get you to disengage from who you are in God. He desperately wants you to give in to self-pity, worry, offense—whatever will isolate, exhaust, and hurt you the most. You step back from relationships, purpose, and from your own identity, allowing fear, hopelessness, and resentment to close you down.

If you have a love relationship with Jesus, his Spirit is in you. The lies of the enemy may seem overwhelming at times, but God’s voice is infinitely stronger, and he’s as close as your own heart. Stopping to listen to him, even for a moment, can renew your heart and mind so completely, everything the enemy throws at you has the opposite effect, re-engaging and increasing your faith, hope, and love.

Be intentional with your thoughts and feelings today. Don’t let what you think or how you feel be defined by any voice other than God’s. Jesus really is with you. He’s always with you, always loving you, and always encouraging and empowering you to live in all he says you are.

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