Love Note

I wrote this prayer for myself, but if it resonates with you, find a quiet spot and read it out loud to yourself. Listen for God to speak to your heart, then read it again in the confidence of his presence.

“Jesus, I know you love me perfectly and constantly. Your love has redeemed and remade me. No matter what’s going on around me, I can love myself and love others because you have always loved me. I want to learn more about what that means, and to know you more every day.

You are my king, my best friend, and my heavenly father. I am who you say I am, and I’m becoming who you say I can be. My identity in you isn’t a slave to the judgments, expectations, or opinions of others. My past teaches me, but doesn’t define me. My story is yours, and yours is mine.

I am living at the right time, and for an eternal purpose. Each day is an opportunity to receive and give away ever-increasing measures of your love, joy, peace, wisdom, healing, and grace. Including this one.”

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