The Power of Grace

Being a child of God doesn’t mean you won’t face difficulties. You know that. But sometimes you may need to remind yourself that being his child does mean in every trial you face, all you need to overcome it is there, if you’ll look for with eyes of grace he’s given you.

You can let someone’s rejection hurt, isolate, and embitter you. Or, you can see it as an opportunity to grow in your identity in God, by focusing on who he wants to be for you during the process of healing and overcoming the pain, and who he says you’re becoming through it.

As you trade your right to be offended for God’s grace, you realize he’s completely freed you from the need to be defined by the praise of people. You can feel him strengthening you to live your life in wholeness and joy, so much so you’re able to genuinely love others without being damaged by their judgments. A rejection that could have been a doorway to debilitating despair instead opens to a more powerful life in God’s presence.

Grace is not only your state of righteousness and peace in Jesus, it’s your resource and power to live them. In other words, God’s grace both empowers you to become the amazing person he sees you as, and equips you to brilliantly deal with everything along the way.

Please remember you’re not alone. You’re never alone. You don’t have to do this by yourself anymore. God is always with you, always loving you, and you always have access to exactly what you need from him to handle what’s in front of you.

“The Lord of Heaven answered, ‘These things can’t be done with human power and might, but they will be done by my Spirit . . . everything accomplished with shouts of, ‘Grace, Grace!’ ” (Zech. 4:6-7b, paraphrase).

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