Raise Shields

When we talk about people “putting their shields up,” we usually mean they’ve emotionally closed themselves off for fear of being disappointed, rejected, or hurt. But the shield of faith mentioned in Ephesians 6:16 won’t isolate you from life. Both it and the sword of the Spirit are extensions of your relationship with Jesus. They help keep you connected to him and how he sees the world around you, even when you’re getting sticks and stones and judgements thrown at you by people you love.

No, that’s not always easy. But it’s always good. Let the truth that God knows and loves the real you, regardless of your faults and failures, be an impenetrable shield against every lie, rejection, and condemnation fired at you. Let those curses fall to the ground, so you can love people with a truly free heart. This holiday season, be intentional with raising your shield in love, so you can raise your glass in joy.

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