Embrace the Day

Today is a brand new day. I know how trite that may read, but it really is new. It’s never happened before. It’s completely unique and unwritten. Pain may tell you to it’s going to be just like every other day, and fear may lie it’s going to be worse. But you don’t have to believe them. You get to choose the world you live in.

You’re empowered to see this day and everyone in it with all the faith, hope, and love that God does. You have an invitation to live it in his grace, truth, healing, and joy no matter what you’re facing. You are a new creation in Christ, which means you’re able to leave fear, doubt, bitterness, and a wounded heart in the past, and explore that new life with him.

Let him show you today as he sees it. The walls which were constraining you will become doors for you to open. The darkness you’ve been suffering through will break, and you’ll see the light just up ahead.

“Jesus said to me, ‘My grace will always, always be more than enough. Even when you’re at your weakest, my strength will complete you.’ When I finally understood that, I stopped obsessing about my problems and failings, and joyfully focused on Christ’s grace and strength working in my life” (2 Corinthians 12:9, paraphrase).

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