Hope Renewed

What are you hoping for today? I know there’s a million things clamoring for your attention, but it’s so important to take a little time to make yourself aware of the God-breathed desires of your own heart. If you let them fall into the background, then it’s just the loudest voices around you that will have the greatest influence over you.

Spend a little time with God today and let him refresh the hopes and dreams of your heart. I know—that’s seemed particularly difficult this year. But it’s also more important than ever. So start small. Begin by thanking him for something good in your life. And then another. And another. The more aware you are of his presence, grateful for his blessings, and allowing his love to fill your thoughts and feelings, the less power your circumstances will have.

In that place your mind is renewed, joy is real, and hope is restored. You’re able to deal with anything, see and bless others as he does, and take positive steps toward the dreams he’s given you. Keep going until the certainty of God’s love for you grows large enough to leave no room for fear, bitterness, failure, pain, and loss to dictate your thoughts and emotions.

“Hope stolen away breaks the heart, but when the heart’s desire is restored and fulfilled, it’s like eating from the tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12, paraphrase).

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