Christmas Every Day

In our hearts, we know the thing which matters most in this life is giving and receiving love. Christmas lets us put pressures, expectations, and fears aside, and connect to that God-given purpose, and with those who are the main object of it. That’s why so many look forward to this season, and why those who are lonely are in such pain. Then it’s over. The world starts stressing again, and so do we.

Or not.

Open one more gift. The love, joy, and peace you experienced yesterday—or wish you had—is available right now. Regardless of what today looks like, they’re there for you every moment of your life. Jesus’ love heals, restores, encourages, transforms, and empowers you constantly, and overflows to every one around you. Let it be Christmas every day.

“I still dare to hope when I remember this: the loving kindness of God never ends, and his compassion never ceases. Great is your faithfulness, Lord! Because you renew me each morning, I can declare over myself: “The Lord is my inheritance, and I will hope in him!” (Lam. 3:21-23).

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