Waiting for a New Year

I don’t know what the new year is going to be like, though I’m sure we’re all hoping 2021 doesn’t go viral like 2020. But as we wait and wonder about the challenges ahead, I do know a good place to begin the year is reminding myself of the difference between waiting for God, and waiting with him.

Waiting for God is passive. And lonely. It’s a mind stuck in the past, fixated on getting answers to why things have happened before it can accept what to do next. It’s a desperate heart that reacts to people and circumstances, instead of living intentionally and purposefully.

But waiting with God is choosing to be at peace with not having all the answers, so you can walk without restraint wherever he leads. In many psalms, “wait” is a word meaning to bind together, to wrap yourself up in hope. It’s a waiting that’s intentionally aware of what he’s saying and doing right now, because of how close you are to his heart.

Waiting with God is empowering, equipping, hopeful, inspiring, productive, and fulfilling. Waiting with him is what prepares you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically to be ready for the moment your heart’s desires do become reality.

Finish this year immersed in the grace, hope, joy, peace, power, and love of Jesus, and begin 2021 free, blessed, determined, and secure in who he is for you. Let him show you how to live this new year brilliantly, no matter what it holds.

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