Good Questions

The questions you’re asking yourself will either contract or expand your life. Constantly dwelling on thoughts like, “why did (or didn’t) this happen,” “what if,” and “why me,” can create a negative mindset, a discouraged heart, and an insecure identity.

But there are other questions that will pull you out of the dark:
“Who do you want me to be for me in this crazy situation, Lord?”
“What aspects of your character and nature do you want me to focus on right now?”
“What good is possible through it all?”
“How do you see me, Father?”
“How can I be part of what you want to do?”

Make a habit of talking your thoughts and questions through with him, instead of incessantly trying to figure them out in your head, bottling them up in your heart, or sacrificing them to the gladiatorial arena of social media. It will make it so much easier for you to receive his healing, strength, and equip you for your next step.

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