Breaking Out

“The Breaker will rise before you and make a way through the wall. He is your Lord and King, and he will lead you every step of the way” (Micah 2:13, paraphrase).

This verse from Micah is one of my favorites. It describes how God rises up to break his people out of their prisons and leads them to freedom.

We’re all looking for some kind of breakthrough in our lives. The problem I’ve seen in myself is when Jesus wants to break me out of my old state, I’m not always willing to follow him through the breaches he’s made in my walls. I may be miserable, but I’m comfortable in my misery. I’m not happy about my life, but at least I know all the things I’m unhappy about. I don’t want to go into the unknown.

But there’s just no other way. I think I can manage all this darkness, but I can’t. In fact, I’m sick of darkness. It has to go. No, I have to go. I need breakthrough. I need the Lord of the Breakthrough.

I’m praying for breakthrough for you today. I’m praying you’ll choose to leave your old self behind, and follow him out. I’m praying you’ll see who God wants to be for you right now, and who you’re becoming in him. I’m praying you’ll have an encounter with his love today that sets you free.

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