Redeeming Time

During the cancer days, I was sitting at the medical center, getting overwhelmed by how fast time seemed to have passed by. I had no idea how many days I might have left, and I was not where I’d hoped my life would be at that point.

I felt the Lord speak to my heart, “Do you see the days of your life as running out, or as being fulfilled?” Immediately the verse from Ephesians 5:16 came to mind: “Redeem your time in these evil days.”

For the first time I saw it not as a fearful warning, but as a joyful invitation to see life as God does. It means to fully occupy your life and seize every opportunity to do good, so you overwhelm all the difficulties and darkness, instead of the other way around.

Despite what the mirror might say, time is your friend. Every day it invites you to see yourself, and everyone else, as God does. A revelation of the finiteness of life makes you more intentional with choices that grow your identity, and empowers you to meet each day with peace, confidence, and joy.

Sometimes you can get deceived into judging yourself by society’s neurotic obsession with youth. Never good. Take a few of those precious minutes today, and ask the Lord to help you reset your heart and mind to see life with all the wisdom and love he does. In that mindset, time slows in a sense, because you can fully be in your moments and enjoy them, instead of chasing someone else’s. I hope today is truly fulfilling for you.

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