A Convert-sation

Me: Have you seen what they’re doing?

Jesus: Yes.

Me: It’s heartbreaking.

Jesus: It certainly is.

Me: I’m gonna fix this.

Jesus: How?

Me: *

Still Me: Well, I’m gonna let ’em have it, at least.

Jesus: Have what?

Me: Your wrath, indignation, and other King James-y kinds of words.

Jesus: Yes. Why don’t you give them all the wrath I poured out on you when you disobeyed me, and hurt those closest to you?

Me: *

Still Me: *

Still Still Me: Ouch. All you’ve ever been to me is kind and forgiving. But isn’t this different? Isn’t this how you deal with nations, judging them when they call evil good, and good evil?

Jesus: I’m not talking about nations. I’m talking about what you’re allowing this to do to your heart. When the enemy gets people to agree with his hate, it’s not just about the damage he can cause. It’s about tempting my children to react with a similar spirit, leaving love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness behind, to fight on his ground, with his weapons.

Giving all your attention to what’s wrong will cost you joy. Rehearsing offenses will cost you peace. Focusing on what you’re afraid of will cost you love, until negativity, bitterness, and hate are all you have left to define your identity. You’ll become a version of what you’re judging.

Me: Then what should I do about all this?

Jesus: Invite me into your life.

Me: What do you mean? You’re always with me, aren’t you?

Jesus: Yes, I’m always with you, but that doesn’t mean you always recognize me. You need to be intentional every day with inviting me into your thoughts and feelings, and into every relationship and circumstance. Never give up your fight for what’s good. But never leave my side to do it. I’ll show you your battles are truly not against people. The war is still against spiritual darkness, a darkness you can’t fight outside my presence. I’ll not only show you how to overcome it, but how to grow in faith, hope, and love the whole time.

Me: But what about those people who embrace the darkness?

Jesus: I’ve already told you what to do, many times. Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you. And before you say you don’t know how to get past their hate, I will show you how I see them, who I created them to be.

Me: *

Starting To Get It Me: Thanks for being so kind and patient with me. Thank you for loving me.

Jesus: You’re welcome. And let that be a prayer for you—that someone who hates you right now may someday say the same thing to you.

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