Bitter to Brilliant

Every day you have thoughts which only need a little attention to take root in your heart and mind. Good or bad, each one has the potential to grow into a mindset, a belief, and a way of life.

When a negative thought demands attention, as soon as you’re able, take an emotional step back. Breathe. You’re not going to waste time and strength fighting the enemy on his ground of fear, bitterness, and pain.

Instead, you’re going to focus on how much Jesus loves you, and who he says you are. You’re going to nurture thankfulness for one good thing in your life. And then another. And another, letting them fill your mind and heart until there’s no room for negativity.

When it’s time to re-engage with your day, remember that you don’t have to fix anyone, or have an answer for every problem and doubt. What you get to do is live in and overflow all the love, joy, peace God has given you to make today’s mindset brilliant.

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