Life Among the Lilies

“They said to the young woman, ‘Go into the fields and catch all the little foxes that could spoil our vines.’

But the young woman responded, ‘My beloved is mine, and I am his. Therefore I know where he is, feeding his flock among the lilies.’ ” (Song of Songs 2:15-16).

I’ve heard many messages about staying vigilant for the “little foxes” that can damage our lives, interpreted as temptations and ungodly thoughts. Sure enough, the more you focus on managing sin, the more there seems to be, gnawing at your heart and mind.

But how does the young woman answer them? She’s not paralyzed by what others are warning might go wrong, and she doesn’t let anyone burden her down with fixing their fears.

She recognizes their fears of loss, failure, and not having enough are the real “foxes.” She’s able to shield herself from them by staying focused on her beloved, in whose love there is no fear.

She’s strong, confident, and purposeful, because no matter where she is, her heart stays among the lilies in the wilderness with him, where predators can’t reach her, there is fresh grace to heal, thrive and grow, and there is always, always more than enough.

No matter what your destination today, make sure your heart stays among the lilies.

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