Child of Hope

United with love and faith, hope is one of the the three things 1 Corinthians 13 says remain with us forever. Yet we rarely access this foundational part of God’s nature; we’re so accustomed to the negativity and cynicism around us, we let them become mindsets. Hope is seen as childish naiveté.

But maybe that’s why Jesus said we need to be like children. Most children live in hope—they dream, imagine, and create without fear of failure or rejection. They trust God without reservation, and love people unconditionally.

Regardless of what anyone has done or not done, and no matter what circumstance you’re facing, don’t leave hope behind. Set hope as a filter for how you process life, and a guard for what’s allowed in—and out—of your heart and mind. Be intentional with hope. Make hope your compass, pointing you toward the most life-giving paths to take. Let hope be the childlike language you use to talk with God.

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