Your Greatest Reality

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my mind was overwhelmed. But in my heart I heard: “My son, let my love for you become greater than your fear of anything else.”

If Jesus isn’t your greatest reality, then your circumstances will be. They’ll dictate what you think, how you feel, and the way you relate to people. Cultivating a mind in awe of all his love for you and others puts every problem into perspective, and enables you to deal with them in his grace, hope, peace, joy, and wisdom.

Whether today is basic or particularly difficult, it doesn’t get to control your thoughts and emotions. You get to navigate every dark valley with the light of his love, and the compass of his wisdom. That’s hokey, but I don’t care. You’re the light of the world, so be one.

Take some deep breaths. Ask Jesus for another revelation of his love, and stay in it until it’s more real than any fear. Be confident in his love, discerning with information, and wise in your choices. Keep talking with him about all he is for you, how he sees you, and everything that’s possible, especially on the tough days.

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