The Peace Behind Home Plate

“Let the peace of God rule in your heart” (Col. 3:15a). I’ve written about this verse before, partly because it’s one of my favorites, and also because I keep needing to remind myself.

The word “rule” in this verse doesn’t mean control. The best translation is probably “umpire.” There’s a lot in this world that would like to control you, but God wants to equip you to live your freedom in Christ brilliantly.

His peace empowers you to judge the value of each thought that enters your mind, interpret the truth of every circumstance in your life, and navigate the best ways to go in all your relationships.

His peace is your decision-maker; wherever his peace is, that’s the choice to go for. His peace sees what’s good, what’s possible, and what will keep you moving forward in his love, joy, and wholeness. Peace is your reality check, reset button, and your confident hope, no matter what the anxiety ruling in the hearts of others may say.

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