Declare Your Day

Through years of pain and difficulty, Joseph held onto his faith in God, trusting him for every promise, despite the horrible circumstances. Joseph would see those promises fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams.

He named his children to reflect the testimony of his life. “Manasseh” meant to forget the pain of the past, and “Ephraim” meant to be blessed beyond measure. Joseph lived that way his whole life, choosing to focus on the blessings and opportunities around him, instead of letting his past make him bitter and self-piteous.

Make this a Manasseh and Ephraim kind of day. A day you let go of everything God is giving you the grace to release, and a day to embrace all he wants to bless and transform in your heart, mind, and life.

“Don’t be grieved and angry with yourselves for me being here—it was God who sent me here to preserve your lives. I am here ahead of you to keep you, your families, and many others alive” (Genesis 45:5 & 7).

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