Love Note

My Child,

I am restoring you. I am strengthening you. I am empowering and equipping you for this next part of your journey. I am here for you. Always.

I know it’s been difficult, and the road ahead doesn’t seem any easier. But if you’ll trust me, I’ll give you all the grace, wisdom, and courage you need for every step of the way.

I have more in mind than accomplished tasks. I have you in mind. You aren’t expendable. You’re never a means to an end. You’re my child. You’re the focus of my love, joy, and peace. I am completely committed to growing you into all I see in you, no matter what’s happening around us.

You are more valuable to me than any human words can describe. When I look at you, I don’t see faults and failures. I see you as my completely brilliant child. I’ve known you long before you were born, and have been so excited for you to be here. Regardless of all that’s going on, know you’re not out of place. You’re here at the perfect time, a powerful and incomparable representation of my faithfulness, hope, and love, all of which are so needed right now.

Let me keep healing your heart and transforming your mind. Let me lead you from surviving to thriving. Let me teach you to stand, walk, run, and fly.

All my love,


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