Wait Up

“Wait” is no one’s favorite word. As far as fruits of the Spirit, patience isn’t celebrated like love, joy, and peace. Based on popularity, if patience were a food, it would probably be lima beans.

But patience is really one of your greatest strengths. When you read, “wait on the Lord,” it doesn’t mean you’re on your own until God has time for you, or that you need to just suck it up and paint a smile on your face. It means you’re invited to wrap yourself in God’s presence and let his voice of encouragement and hope overwhelm every other voice of fear and disappointment.

“I would have given in to despair, but with all my heart I know I will see the goodness of the Lord here, in the land of the living.

Wait on the Lord. Wrap yourself up in his presence, and he will strengthen your heart.

Be patient. Wait with him” (Psalms 27:13-14, paraphrase).

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