Nothing Wrong With a Little Hokey

I haven’t always received the answers I wanted in the way I wanted, or when I wanted. But every time I’ve looked to God for one, I’ve found him. I hope that doesn’t sound hokey. I truly mean it. When I stop focusing on the problem, and look for Jesus in every difficult thing I face, I find him—his presence, his grace, peace, joy, wisdom, and love. Even if I don’t know the next step, I know beyond all doubt he’s going to take it with me.

If disappointment and frustration have been wearing you down with their obsession to know the answers and control the circumstances, take a step back from their voices. In fact, if you’re able, physically turn in the opposite direction as an act of faith. Breathe. Listen for God’s voice—his voice of authentic love, joy, and peace, until the negative ones can’t stand to be around you.

“Death and hell surrounded me . . . but he brought me to a safe place—he saved me, because he delights in me” (Psalm 18:4,19).

“You have turned my mourning into dancing! You have taken away the cloak of depression I was wearing, and clothed me with joy” (Psalm 30:11).

“The enemy intended evil against me, but God loves transforming the most difficult circumstances into the most amazing blessings. He saved me, and now I get to help others experience him too” (Genesis 50:20, paraphrase).

Keep listening. How does he see you? How is he describing your relationships and circumstances? What picture is he giving you of what’s possible after the pandemic is over? This is where you’ll start finding the answers to your questions.

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