A Prayer to Hear

When it’s seemed hard to hear God, it’s often been because I want him to validate my judgments, rather than change them. I can either sink deeper into my pain, resentment, and fears, or, I can give them to him:

“Jesus, at times I’ve gotten so overwhelmed by everything, I’ve shielded myself with bitterness and mistrust, rather than letting you heal me. But I’m so tired of that. I give you everything in my heart and mind—the good, the bad, and the really ugly.

I don’t want you to have to shout over any other voices in my head. Help me to be so at peace in you that nothing can tempt me away from hearing your quietest whisper. Replace my broken thoughts with who you want to be for me right now, and with who I am in you. Help me see my life as the wonderful gift it is.

I receive your love, not on my terms, but as you know I need it. Let me experience you in ways that transform how I see myself and others, and empower me to bless them as you’ve blessed me. Amen.”

“You reached down into my darkness to rescue me, taking me out of my disaster and despair. Even though I was helpless at the attacks of my hateful, strong enemy, you never left me. Your love broke me out of my horrible constraints, into a wide-open, beautiful place. You’ve rescued me because you delight in me” (Psalm 18:16-19, paraphrase).

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