Another Precious Day

It’s probably my age as much as the pandemic, but the last couple of years have been constant reminders of how precious—and fragile—life is. If that’s been your experience also, then you know that what we do with that revelation each day pretty well determines its quality. You’ll either spend it protecting yourself from what might go wrong, or you’ll live it as fully as possible.

1 John 4 says “Complete love drives out all fear.” You know that. You’ve probably quoted it. But so much of our culture conditions us to focus more on managing our fears of loss, rather than displacing them.

There are messages rooted in fear everywhere, telling us we can overcome the perils of life by getting physically fit enough to fight them, mastering enough principles to control them, making enough money to ignore them, or disengaging from the world enough to hide from them. But none of those work. There is never ”enough” for any of them.

If God’s perfect, complete love is what displaces fear, then focusing on that love is the most important thing you need to live the kind of life you really want to have. The kind of life that acknowledges the brevity of life and makes the most of every good opportunity.

Ask Jesus right now for a fresh revelation of his love. Ask him to show you how to fully live in it, and make the most of every precious moment of today.

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