All You Need Is

Most people don’t see First Corinthians 13 as much more than wedding poetry. But I think it’s one of the most important and powerful passages in the Bible. This is my paraphrased version:

Love has no time limit.

Love is always kind—it provides what’s needed so others can experience grace, empowerment, and blessing.

Love isn’t jealous—it genuinely desires to see others grow and succeed.

Love isn’t arrogant or dishonoring—it creates an atmosphere of trust that listens, respects, and humbly invites others to experience Jesus for themselves.

Love is demonstrated through a pure heart and a Spirit-led vision.

Love is never subservient to fear and anxiety.

Love is never displaced by hate and anger, and doesn’t let the imagination become overrun with negative thoughts.

Love doesn’t rejoice when adversaries suffer from lies, but celebrates when anyone is set free by truth.

Love covers wounds, helping to bear the pain and heal them more quickly.

Love believes what the mind can’t see.

Love hopes when experience says to quit.

Love enables you to endure all things, because the strength of God’s grace, hope, and love becomes more complete in you the weaker your circumstances have made you.

Love never fails those who stay inside it.

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