Calm Delight

Sometimes you need to re-mind yourself:

Joy isn’t temporary happiness dependent on your present experience. Joy means “calm delight.” It’s the life, beauty, and satisfaction overflowing from your confident trust in God’s love for you. It’s the cleansing breath, the deep confidence, and the decisive step you feel empowered to take, despite what anyone else says or does.

This world can be dark and chaotic and overwhelming. But joy sees the world from your Father’s lap. Joy views people with the love and value he has for them, looks at problems as possibilities, and sees what’s wrong as opportunities to demonstrate what’s right.

“Listen to my voice, just as I listen to my Father’s. Then you’ll be able to live in my love, and love one another as I love you. And love will give you the same overflowing joy I have”(John 15:9-12).

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