It’s Not On You

When you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all the needs around you, give yourself permission to stop right where you are.

I posted yesterday to breathe. Do it again. Take a slow, deep breath. All of this doesn’t depend on you. It just seems that way whenever we take the burdens off Jesus’ shoulders and put them on ourselves.

As soon as you look away from Jesus to stare at the unending needs and expectations, it’s like falling into a black hole. Your love and strength deplete until you become resentful of your own life. 

Take a step back. You might even want to do that physically. As you do, let the burden come off your shoulders. Move into God’s presence again by thanking him for who he is, and for all he’s doing in you regardless of what’s happening around you. Thank him for bearing the burdens you can’t. Let his love fill you again.

That’s the key. You don’t have to keep emptying yourself out. You get to live in a constant outpouring of his love, grace, goodness, peace, provision, joy, and hope. What you give to others simply comes from the overflow of his presence and all he’s doing in you.

“Lay all your burdens down at the feet of the Lord, and his measureless grace and strength will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22).

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