Real Peace

“Peace. Be still” (Mark 4:39).

Say it: “Peace.”

Declare it over your relationships. Speak it out over everything you’re facing. Say it, not as a wish or a plea, but as a testament of the reality of God’s presence in your life.

Peace isn’t a religious placebo, it’s genuine joy, confidence, and rest in God. Peace is a fruit of his Spirit, a fruit which renews an exhausted mind, and restores a broken heart.

Peace is a place of union with Jesus, a living reality in which he empowers you to grow into all he says you can be, equips you to overcome storms of every kind, and encourages you to transform lives along the way.

Say it once more: “Peace.” It’s who you are, and how you get to live.

“I’m imparting my peace to you as a gift. It’s not the fragile peace of this world, but a peace which will make you so whole, and so confident in me, you won’t yield your heart to fear again” (John 14:27, paraphrase).

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