Thankfulness Breaks Through

Breathe. Don’t let the day overwhelm you before you even begin. Don’t let painful circumstances steal from who you are. It may seem foolish, even backwards, but right now your focus needs to be . . . thankfulness.

If it feels like the life is being drained out of you right now, stop and thank God for every good thing you can still see. Gratitude opens your heart to hear him speak life into you. Listen for him to speak that life, until the pain, frustration, and fear are overwhelmed by grace, peace, and joy.

No matter what’s happening around you, you get to choose the reality you’re going to live in and deal with it all. I know that’s not easy. Sometimes it’s work. Other times it’s a fight. But I promise it’s worth it, because the alternative is letting pain control how you think and feel until it makes you its prisoner.

Romans 14:17 says God’s reality is grace, peace, and joy in his Holy Spirit. Let it be. Give him access to your thoughts and feelings until it’s not just words on a page.

One Reply to “Thankfulness Breaks Through”

  1. So weird reading your blog. It’s like they’re personal messages just for me? I’ve just started a gratitude journal to remind myself of God’s great goodness, mercy and lovingkindness towards me. To remind me of the grace of God towards me and remind myself that I do indeed have much to be thankful for, for great is His faithfulness. Love that your stuff is short and sweet but with impact in few words. I can easily read heaps of them in one sitting

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