Just Perfect

Matthew 5:48 reads, “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” But “perfect” doesn’t mean without mistake. It means to be whole, complete, lacking nothing.

Though you should try to do everything as well as possible, God loves your courage far more than your skill. In the parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-30), it wasn’t a lack of ability that caused the third servant to bury their allotment, rather than investing it. That person was driven by fears of failure and rejection, which paralyzed him from experiencing what was possible in trusting God.

If you’ve been feeling trapped by fears of failure, loss, or rejection, take heart. And take a deep breath. Thank Jesus for the good things in your life, until you can feel his presence again, until you remember how much he loves you, is for you, and won’t abandon you. As you recount all the ways he’s been strengthening, supporting, protecting, encouraging, and equipping you, let his goodness push out every fear, doubt, wound, and offense.

You’re not controlled by the expectations of others. You don’t have to live in fear of failing, or the dread of being rejected. You are loved, and you are blessed. No matter the circumstances, you can live this day in perfect peace and joy, because your Father in heaven is the one who’s making you whole, complete, and equipping you with everything you need to be just like him.

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