Taste and See

I’ve been asked many times if we’re in the “last days.” My answer is always the same: Sure, in the sense that we only have a short time to be here. So make the most of each day, as if it could be your last.

But of course that question is usually asked wrapped in religious and/or political fears. And, it almost always leads to some kind of condescending, convicting, and condemning of those we blame for our fears. People point to the ills of the world to prove their apocalyptic theology, and every time something awful happens, they feel more justified.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be looking at what’s wrong to build our foundations. Crazy, I know. Psalm 34:8 invites us to “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I have. Over and over, he has turned the bitter seasons of my life into beautiful, life-giving bread. I have also seen, over and over, the goodness, grace, and love of Jesus smothered with religion and politics, a dish which usually leaves the bitterness of conditional acceptance in the mouth of anyone who’s tried it.

Eat well today, and share what you have. I promise there will be more than enough.

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