Psalm 116 reads, “I believed in you, so I exclaimed, ‘I am deeply troubled, Lord.’ In my anxiety, I cried out to you, ‘These people are all liars! (vv. 10–11)’ “

Deep anxiety? Complaining about people? What kind of faith is that? It’s an honest one. An authentic one. A faith that acknowledges there are jerks and life can get overwhelming, but isn’t going to quit loving people or trusting God.

I particularly love that whomever wrote it prefaced their lament with “I believed in you, so . . .” It’s a brilliant reminder that because I have a relationship with God, I can be honest with him about my anxiety and anger—all my feelings and thoughts—in the safest, most healing communication in the world. I can pour out my heart without fear of being rejected or belittled. I can be absolutely certain that whatever I say will be met with a wisdom full of love and kindness. Even when he asks me to make difficult changes in my life, everything he says comes wrapped in indefatigable, un-offendable love.

Be honest with God, and with yourself. Don’t let your faith get worn down to religious performance or a scorecard comparing yourself to someone else. And don’t hold back parts of your heart because you’ve judged them as so shameful they’re unworthy of his love, forgiveness, and healing. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, once he’s walked with you through them, those are often the areas that end up releasing the kind of love and grace that transforms lives.

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