I believe blessing is one of the most powerful forms of communication and provision we have. Yet it’s often reduced to an unremarkable word in church culture and a vainly used one in social media hashtags. I think the lack of intentional blessing is one of the biggest reasons so many people, cities, and nations are such a mess.

We neglect—or refuse—to honor our spouses when we feel they’re not meeting our needs. We expect our children to obey and succeed before rewarding them with conditional approval. Instead of speaking life into cities and states, we condemn any behavior that offends or scares us. Where there’s a lack of blessing, something else will fill the void—pain, resentment, and fears of rejection, failure, and loss.

But even when there’s been damage, genuine blessing can transform hate and fear into grace and goodness. Blessing encourages, equips, and empowers others in the identity for which God created them. Blessing speaks life, joy, peace, healing, abundance, and wisdom, both now and in generations to come.

You are loved. You are significant. You are wildly celebrated by your heavenly Father. Nothing that’s happened to you is stronger than the love he has for you. Let him bless you by seeing yourself as his perfectly loved child, and live in blessing by treating others as no less. 

“The Lord will bless you and keep you. He will illuminate himself to you, and be so gracious to you. The Lord will see you face to face, and give you peace and wholeness” (Numbers 6:24-26).

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