Abundant Now

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In the Gospel of John (10:10), Jesus said He came to give us life, not just as we’ve known it, but “perissos”, super-abundant-thriving-beyond-measure kind of life. Consciously or not, I think we’ve interpreted that to mean everything is supposed to be easy and problem-free. But when it’s not (usually within 2 minutes of reading that verse), we either ignore what Jesus said as an exaggeration, or delay it as what happens after you die, and faith degenerates to fake-it-’til-you-make-it.

Most of us have lottery fantasies that we’d happily qualify as “abundant life”. But that’s just money. It’s not the wealth Jesus is talking about. Life in God means you can meet each day, and every circumstance, with all the love, joy, peace, provision, grace, and wisdom of heaven. It means that you never have to walk alone, even if it’s through the valley of the shadow of death. And many of us have. It means you are not a beggar—you are a son or daughter, an inheritor of all that your Father has, and is.
Part of that inheritance is that He is making you like Him, upgrading your mind and heart so that you are able to grow in that abundance. What that means is that even if you are in a difficult season, you have an opportunity. You can see it as you used to, in fear and stress, or, you can give God permission to grow you by asking Him what this situation means, and what He wants you to do about it. Even if it’s challenging, His answer will always come in peace, and He will more than equip you for your next step. Jesus came to give you life. Today.

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