The Tower

coastal rock 2

I had a dream a in which Jesus took me to a stone tower, somewhere between a city and the edge of a desert. We climbed the stairs about 50 feet to the top windows. I could see miles farther than I imagined. The wilderness was beautiful, from mountains and mesas to canyons and rivers, and was dotted with lush oases. From this window, I could see most of the roads connecting them. He asked me, “What is a tower for?”

I thought about it a moment a said, “Historically (yeah, I used the word ‘historically’ talking to God in a dream- I know, I’m such a nerd), a tower has been used to watch for the enemy.

He didn’t speak, but part of a scripture popped in my head. “You are my strong tower. You are my rock.” I looked at Him.

“This tower is Me. It is a manifestation of My presence in your life. Every stone represents a time in your life in which I demonstrated My love, grace, and glory to you.” As soon as He said that, I could see it. I also knew that the tower was continually being built up, stronger and taller.

Then He said, “You have been taught that a watchtower is a structure from which you must keep a constant lookout for the enemy. You have built your own towers to guard yourself against anything you think might hurt you.” I nodded. “This is My tower. It is the only one you need. My people are more concerned with what the enemy is doing than what I am doing. Like Elisha’s servant, they are panicked at the weak forces of the enemy, instead of living in My glory that surrounds them. This must change.” The truth of that crushed me.

“Look out this window. What do you see?” He pointed to an area far away. At first I saw nothing. But as I stared, the image came closer into view, like a telescopic lens. There was a young family I did not recognize, struggling to walk down an old path. The parents were each carrying a child. They were exhausted, hungry, and thirsty. I looked at Jesus.

“What else do you see?” I could see that they were very near an oasis, a gorgeous one with clear water and fruit on the trees. But there was a hill blocking their view, and they were heading away from it.

“What do I do?”

“Intercede.” At first I had no idea what to say, but another scripture popped in my head. “Every mountain and hill shall be made low. The crooked places shall be made straight, and the rough places smooth.”

“Lord, I agree with that scripture.” I put my hands on the stone of the window sill and leaned out. I could feel His love for this family, and His joy at what was about to happen. “I pray that the hills around them shall be brought down.”

There were streaks of light in the sky, which I assumed to be angels rather than lightning. They flew to the family, and a moment later there was a small earthquake. I could see panic on their faces, but they were completely shielded from harm. When it was over, the hill blocking their vision was gone. They could see the oasis, and headed straight for it.

I looked at Jesus. He was smiling at the family as they reached the desert garden. “Lord, what is this place? Where are we?”

“Don’t you know? Look again.”

When He said that, I could see. The revelation took my breath away. When I began treatment for cancer, I had a dream of being in the “valley of the shadow of death”. It was dark, stormy, and lined with fiery mountains. In that dream, Jesus came to me as I sat on the ground weeping. He reached out His hand, and smiled at me as He lifted me up. I had that dream repeatedly, and would see it in my mind when I was awake. We walked together every day. He led me through every dark place until I was healed. He still walks with me like that. As I looked around at the hills and paths, I realized that this tower was on the spot He first lifted me up. But it was so different. It was wilderness, but it was beautiful, alive.

Knowing my thoughts, He said, “Wherever you walk with Me, that place is transformed. That is what you get to do. My people get to walk with Me through the darkest places and change them, to occupy them with My love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, generosity, power, grace, and glory. They get to see Me every day. They get to look out at what I am doing and join me in it. That is what will transform this world, and them.

“From the end of the earth I will cry to You. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For You have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in Your tabernacle forever! I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.” (Psalm 61)


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