Redefining Joy

coast deer 3

When you have a moment, I invite you to ask yourself this question: Am I ready to see joy as more than just an emotion? I know that might sound weird, but I write and say weird things all the time, so just go with it. This is actually really important, and something that I have to keep checking myself on. Joy is such a critical part of life in God to understand, but we let it get defined by everything but Him. So I ask myself, and you, are you willing to give God your insecure belief that joy is an elusive feeling that rises and falls with your circumstances? Are you willing to stop using it as a reward for good behavior, and withholding it as punishment for failure, including your own?

Along with righteousness and peace, joy is the substance of the kingdom of God. Joy is part of your inheritance as God’s child, a foundation of your brilliant identity in Christ. Joy is the supernatural state of your renewed mind, the felt presence of God as you deal with every relationship and circumstance in your life. Joy is your new normal.

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