The Power of Blessing

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Blessing equips what faith believes.

Blessing is not just about finances; that’s what we have reduced it to. It is recognizing, declaring, encouraging, resourcing, and empowering others in the identity for which God created them.

Blessing is not to be held back until you judge someone worthy of it. This is why so many families and relationships and nations are a mess. We hold back blessing our spouses for not meeting our expectations. We expect our children to obey and succeed before granting them a blessing. Blessing is not a reward, it is a state of grace.

To purposefully bless your family is to speak life, health, favor, and limitless destiny generationally, and to withhold blessing is to curse your own legacy. To hold back blessing from anyone is the same as cursing, because where there is a void of blessing, something else will fill it- hurt, bitterness, anger, and fears of rejection, failure, and loss. But, even when there has been damage, blessing can transform rejection and wounding into grace and glory.

You are loved. You are appreciated. You are celebrated by your heavenly Father. Nothing that has happened to you is stronger than His love, grace, joy, peace, and healing in you. He sees you as free, whole, brilliant, and powerful, and You are becoming all that He sees. He turns places of pain and trouble into gateways to hope. Go through one today. Receive His blessings, and be a blessing to someone else.

“The Lord will bless you and keep you.
The Lord will illuminate Himself to you and give you favor and grace.
The Lord will see you face to face, and give you peace and wholeness.”
(Numbers 6.24-26)

One Reply to “The Power of Blessing”

  1. In the Old Testament we see patriarchs blessing sons. I believe we can bless people to call forth their identity and inheritance now. If we don’t, there are voices in the world, in people’s heads, critical crippling voices that will kill hopes and dreams. Let’s make time to bless people today.

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