Now Faith

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

Faith is trusting that God is faithful.

That sentence took me years to write, and I’m still learning more about it all the time. I choose the word “trusting” over “knowing” he is faithful, because to me, trusting speaks of my heart as well as my mind. But “knowing” works too, if you prefer.

People use the phrase “blind faith” because they define faith as what it takes to leap into the unknown. But your faith isn’t blind if you know Jesus’ face. Faith isn’t so much about the risk I believe I have to take, as who I believe God is for me right now. All the acts of faith in Hebrews 11 are less about the events themselves, and more the testimonies of those who trusted in who God was for them. They accomplished great things not because they were sure of what would happen, but because they were sure of him.

When it says faith is the substance of things hoped for, it doesn’t mean much until he’s the source of your hope. Otherwise, you’re just pursuing what you want, and hoping God will be good enough to you to make it work. When he’s your source of hope, faith is the natural result. He becomes the substantive evidence of your confident expectation of experiencing his goodness.

Sit down at your computer, or with pen and paper. Take a deep breath. Ask Jesus to help you remember all the words of life he’s given to you over the years, directly, and through others. Recall all you have to be grateful for. Remember what he’s done, and who he’s been for you your whole life. Write it all down, and you’ll remember even more. Let it fill you with the truth that you’re never alone. Allow yourself to experience his presence deeper than you ever have before.

You do know Jesus’ presence, even if you’ve forgotten. You know his smile. You know his voice. In whatever situations you’re facing, let your heart, your hope, your trust, and your faith rest in who he’s saying he wants to be for you right now. Have confidence in his nature and character, in what he’s demonstrated to you, in what you’ve read in his word, and in all the encouragement you’ve received from him through others.

You may never fully understand some of the circumstances you’ve journeyed through, but you can know he’s been faithful to completely love you the entire way. Trust in his faithfulness again, and have faith for your next step.

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