So Hope

“I keep recalling this to my mind, and therefore I have hope: The Lord’s love and kindness never cease, and his compassion never fails. They are are renewed in me every morning.

Great is your faithfulness toward me, Lord. You yourself are my inheritance, and so I can, and will, always have hope in you” (Lam. 3:21-24, paraphrased).

Sometimes cultivating hope in your soul feels like digging in stone–cold soil with a plastic fork. But every alternative curses the ground you’re standing on, causing you to increasingly despise not only your circumstances, but your life, and to criticize everyone else’s.

Hope is never a waste of time. Even when life doesn’t go the way you thought it would, or should, hope transforms you to become the place where change can begin.

So stay in love, exercise your faith, and hold on to hope. HOPE. Choose to live more aware of God’s hope than you are of the enemy’s bitterness. Don’t let anyone or anything define your hope as less than an ongoing revelation of God’s love and faithfulness toward you. Hope isn’t a wish, it’s intentionally agreeing with God’s desire to manifest his grace, goodness, and joy in ways that far exceed pain, anxiety, and despair.

“These three abide with us forever—faith, hope, and love” (1 Cor. 13:13a).

One Reply to “So Hope”

  1. Cultivating HOPE…boy, don’t we all have times like this? Thanks Rob, for your helpful words. Always good to receive balm that heals.

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