The Key to 2019

Happy New Year, everyone. I know this is a popular time to make prophetic declarations and personal resolutions. But no matter what grand plans I make for the year, I know I’m going to have days of just wondering how to take another step.

How do you move forward when things aren’t easy, when everywhere you look, there’s another change or challenge? Travel light. The word “forget” in the Philippians passage means to neglect. In other words, don’t rehearse your past pain. Don’t use it as a filter for all you encounter this year. Don’t carry baggage from your past that could anchor you to the next obstacle. Let go of your expectations and offenses, and stop picking at your wounds.

Carry with you what you’ve learned. Rehearse every encouraging word and prophetic promise. Hold in your heart all the love of those you’ve lost, and take each step in the grace of the one you’ll never lose. Allow God to show you things from his viewpoint, not as your fear sees them. Though you may not fully understand why you got them, let your scars heal. They are the badges of a seasoned warrior who lives in faith, moves with hope, and whose identity is love.

For me, at least, the key to a successful 2019 is living each moment of it as fully as possible with Jesus. I do keep having the phrase, “the grace to be, and the grace to do” run through my mind. No matter what the future holds, it’s the right time for you to press forward with him, in all the grace he has for you every day of the year.

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