A Fresh Start

It’s a good day to start fresh. Every day is. Leave your offenses behind. Forgive, bless, and love, and free up room in your heart and mind for God to equip you with all you need to move forward.

If it rains, don’t wait for it to stop. Acknowledge every difficulty in your life—every broken part of your heart, every loss, every challenge. And let him still the storm.

Take a deep breath. Take another. Now listen for God’s voice. He’s right there with you, and has been wanting to tell you how much he loves you, and how he wants to bless you with all the peace, joy, and wisdom you need to deal with everything ahead of you.

Smile. Be confident. Give faith, hope, and love away freely. Living in response to God means you never have to live in reaction to your circumstances.

“There’s only one thing worth being concerned about” (Luke 10:42a).

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