A few days ago, I prayed for a woman struggling with a walker and large oxygen tank. I usually ask what someone specifically wants prayer for, and she obviously had specific needs. But I felt strongly to just have her sit, and to bless her quietly with peace and joy, for about five minutes.

Later on, I found out she’s been battling COPD. She had a smile on her face, and said not only was this was the first time in many months she was able to breathe freely, but that while I was praying for her, the oxygen tank ran out.

There are physical impediments to breathing, and there’s also emotional ones. Discouragement clouds intentionality. Rejection stabs at intimacy. Fear wars against identity. But always, always standing against these are the faith, hope, and love of Jesus.

The pain is real. It may be hard to see anything else right now. But before letting it redefine who you are, and dictate how you should react, step back. Take a deep breath, and listen for God’s voice. Breathe in all he’s saying he is for you in this moment. Breathe in who he says you really are. Breathe in how he sees all that’s going on. Breathe in his faithfulness toward you. Breathe in the hope he’s empowering you with. Breathe his love in, and breathe his love out.

“I will put breath in you, and you will come alive, and know I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 37:6b).


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