Hey, Ump

There’s an amazing sentence in Colossians 3 that’s often on my mind: “Let the peace of God rule in your heart.” “Rule” doesn’t mean God wants to control, manipulate, condemn, or punish your heart—we do that to ourselves and others just fine. This is the opposite—God wants to empower your heart to see and engage your life confidently, brilliantly, and powerfully.

That word “rule” means to umpire, to judge your circumstances from God’s peace. His peace sees what’s true, what’s good, what choices will keep you moving forward in his love, joy, and wholeness, and what won’t. His peace is your decision–maker; wherever his peace is, that’s the direction to walk. It’s your reality check and reset button, your confident hope no matter what someone else’s anxieties say.

Let the peace of God umpire your heart, and may your next step with him be all your heart has been craving.

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