First Things

You want to know how to deal with what’s in front of you. So do I. But when you face overwhelming circumstances, don’t fall into the trap of obsessively asking, “What should I do?” It seems logical, but because all the focus is on the problem, your own negative thoughts become quicksand, in which the more you struggle in anxiety and frustration, the harder it is to get out. When I’m going through something difficult, I have to keep reminding myself to focus less on the situation itself, and more on who God wants to be for me through it.

That’s the question you need answered most: “Who do you want to be for me right now, God?” He’s concerned about all you’re going through, but he’s not worried about how to deal with any of it. His primary motivation is who you’re becoming through all of this, because that’s the person who can thrive in the answers he has for what’s going on.

God knows who you can become with and without him, and he’s not willing to let the latter win. Even though it’s not always an easy path, he’s totally committed to encouraging, equipping, and empowering you to be all he sees when he looks at you.

When you have a moment, close your eyes.

Let your shoulders relax.

Take a few deep breaths.

Now listen.

You aren’t really alone.

Jesus is right there, climbing this mountain with you.

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