The Arrow in Your Hand

When I was a kid, I had that blue Bible Story set of books you’d often see at the pediatrician (I think they were there for children appealing to God in the face of shots and cold stethoscopes). I loved them. They opened a door to a relationship with God that’s grown my whole life. There was one story I would continuously go back to, in which Elisha the prophet told the king to strike the ground with a bunch of arrows, which represented God’s deliverance. He didn’t tell the king why to hit the ground, just to do it. The king felt foolish, and only did it timidly a few times. Elisha told him if he’d hit the ground over and over with all his heart, he would have destroyed all his enemies, but now only a few of them would go away. This impacted me so strongly as a child. It taught me though I may not understand everything, I could trust to give my whole heart to whatever God told me to do.

Why things happen the way they do in your circumstances may never get answered here on earth. But the question of who God wants to be for you in your circumstances can be. The arrow in your hand is the revelation of himself he’s shown you. Trusting him when he tells you what to do with it will bring your breakthrough, as well as a closer relationship with him. It may seem odd that God would highlight such a violent, performance-based story to a child. But I never thought of it that way. He showed me this early on so I’d remember to keep a child-like heart of trust and intimacy throughout my life, regardless of what’s happening around me.

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