Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday isn’t very high on most people’s list of favorite holidays. But what if there’s more to it than we think? What if it’s not just a traditional religious observance, but a wonderful and powerful invitation?

The palm branches thrown down in front of Jesus were to welcome him as king. The people honored him, hoping he’d bring victory, peace, and joy. And, on every Palm Sunday throughout the world, churches encourage us to praise him similarly.

But I wonder if what Jesus would most love us to give him are our fears, failures, bitterness, and pain. To genuinely lay them down in front of him, welcoming him to transform our lives.

Every time you thank Jesus for all the good in your life, or pour out your heart to him, or just listen to what he has to say to you, you’re cultivating a living, growing, thriving connection between you and the King of the Universe. And when you let go of what’s dead, he always gives you life.

I hope on this Palm Sunday you thrive.

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