God always has more in mind than accomplishing the work in front of you. He has accomplishing you in mind. You aren’t a means to an end. You aren’t expendable. You’re his child. You’re the object of his love, and he’s completely committed to helping you become all he says you can be.

You can get so beat up by comparing yourself to others, and so beat down by all the negativity in the world, it can get difficult to believe God really does love you unconditionally. Your thinking gets twisted into believing it’s God’s will when bad things happen, and it’s his voice criticizing and condemning you. Thoughts of never being good enough play over and over in your head until they become a mindset.

But that’s not God. That’s never God. The kind of negativity you’ve been dealing with hasn’t been him punishing failure, or torturing you into performing better. It’s the enemy trying to make you feel unworthy and rejected, and tempting you to medicate your insecurity and self–pity.

When God speaks, even when he corrects, you feel loved, peaceful, joyful, renewed, and purposeful. As you agree with him, and walk forward into all he’s created you to be, the faith, hope, and love you overflow will not only make you successful at what you do, but bless others to be just as brilliant. Take enough time to listen to what his thoughts are toward you today. They’ll turn this day from a draining struggle into an energizing adventure.

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