Go for the Gold

Angi and I were hiking through the redwoods when she spotted this tree. From the angle we viewed it, the base appeared to be a lion’s head and mane. I was half–expecting it to speak in Liam Neeson’s Aslan voice. As we stared at it for a while, I was reminded of a dream I had in which God was teaching me how to see from his perspective.

It was one of those dreams in which you know you’re dreaming. Jesus was standing next to me, and in front of us was a woman encased in thick tar and . . . luggage. Large and small bags pressed down on her, their weight making it hard for her to stand. I knew they represented her emotional and spiritual baggage. The sight would have been funny, except for the look of exhausted desperation on the woman’s face. I wanted her to be free of all of it. Jesus heard my thoughts and said, “Counsel her out of it.”

I could feel her fear someone would add to the pile already crushing her, so I approached her carefully. I gently asked if I could help, and she shrugged, wanting to be free, but unbelieving anyone could do anything about it. I looked at each bag, identifying where it had come from in her past. She nodded as I correctly discerned the sources of many of her burdens. I could see her struggling to get out, but nothing I said freed her. I turned to Jesus in frustration, and he said, “Watch this.”

The woman was now glowing a gold luminescence from both her armor and skin. There were no bags on her. She had ribbons and medals on the chest plate, and a sword and dagger hung from her belt. She had a look of both joy and ferocity. The only remnants of how I’d seen her before were threads of tar leading back to the pile of her old life, now behind her. Jesus said, “Tell her what you see.”

I described to the woman how I saw her—how Jesus always saw her. I could see what her struggles and battles had trained her for, and what they’d made her capable of now. I saw the gifts, talents, and passions that were core parts of her identity, and some of the powerful plans he had for those in her future. I recounted her armor, weapons, and some of her medals. Each time I came to a place there was a connection to her old life, I told her how God saw that area. As she received the truth about how he saw her, and who he was for her, the bands would snap off like rubber bands. In a short while, she stood before us completely free. Then I woke up.

I know the pile you’re carrying seems overwhelming at times, and letting God train you to see life as he does isn’t always an easy process. But it’s so worth it. It’s especially important to see yourself as he does, and to speak in agreement with what he shows you, instead of rehearsing faults and failures. Asking God who he wants to be for you right now stops your circumstances from becoming overwhelming. Letting him be that in your life transforms those circumstances into opportunities for blessing. As you speak life over yourself, you’ll be able to see others from his perspective, and become an agent of their transformation as well.

Let Holy Spirit show you how you are known by heaven. Wherever you’re tethered to old, negative, painful thinking, let him show you truth that breaks off every lie the enemy wants to keep you bound with. Let your heart receive it and your mind believe it. In the presence of Jesus, you are free, healed, powerful, and glowing gold.

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