A Love Letter

I am healing you. I am restoring you. Some of the discomfort you feel is me dealing with where these wounds and lies came from. I know they’ve been painful, but if you’ll trust me, if you’ll not hold back any pieces of your heart and mind, I will take them all and make you whole. I will take your pain and turn it into joy. Real joy.

I love you more than you can imagine. You are more valuable to me than any human words can describe. When I look at you, I don’t see faults and failures. I see you as my completely brilliant child. I’ve known you long before you were born, and have been so excited for you to be here. Regardless of all that’s happened to you, know you’re not out of place. You’re here at the perfect time, a brilliant and powerful representation of my love, a unique expression of me that is so needed on the Earth right now.

Let me keep healing you. Let me restore your identity. Let me lead you from surviving to thriving. Let me teach you to stand, to walk, to run, and to fly.

All my love,


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